We do not need illegal immigrants…

     Talk to any economist or realist, and they will assuredly agree that immigrant labor has made our country what it is and sustains our current economy. Controlling all other variables, if our nation were to cease all immigration or deport all 12 million illegal immigrants, our economy would plummet, our businesses bankrupt, our social security system crumple. We need immigrants; to deny this is to deny America.

     However, we do not need illegal immigrants. There are two ways to supply our businesses and nation with the necessary masses of low-skilled, low-paid workers. One way is our current system of hiring illegal immigrants at a fraction of the cost or employing those on worker visas. This works for us, but at the sake of suspending millions of people’s rights and welfare. Additionally, it perpetuates the influx of illegal immigrants into our nation.

      There is another way, however. If the United States opens up its doors to immigrants in a graduated fashion and allows its current extralegal immigrants to apply for citizenship, we will be inviting a replenishable, legal, documented workforce of higher caliber at still basement wages. Legal immigrants are still highly underpaid for their expertise, and their discounted labor costs will add to our economy; the prime difference, however, is that legal immigrants have the potential and the hope to progress. Contrary to illegal immigrants, newly immigrated citizens can one day hope to work out of low-paying jobs, to unionize, to receive education, to raise a family, to save money, to utilize health-care, to pay taxes and insurance.

Newly immigrated citizens are upwardly mobile individuals starting out on the bottom rung of capitalism; illegal immigrants, however, are locked in the basement of an America which espouses equality. To perpetuate our current stagnation on the immigration issue is to condemn millions of would-be Americans to an inescapable catch-22, caught between the economic necessity of American wages and the absence of human rights bestowed upon our legal citizens. Our nation does not need illegal immigrants, but it does need those people who are on the other side of our current immigration laws and quotas to possess the means for citizenship and become productive, publicly active citizens and workers. We must radically rethink and restructure our immigration laws to legalize hard-working Americalmosts.

2 Responses to “We do not need illegal immigrants…”

  1. MIKE VAN Says:

    This because businesses have allowed this false labor fault illegal labor to flourish. If all labor was done the correct way then there world be no problem I say let those that have let this happen let the chips fall where they may and suffer for it.

  2. mpw160 Says:

    Mike, I agree that businesses often lure extralegal immigrants here under faulty premises. I also agree that these immigrants should not be kept here without rights and without hope of procuring better employment. A means to citizenship for these people would simultaneously better the lot of immigrants and encourage businesses to hire legal, documented immigrants.

    As for the comment about “letting the chips fall where they may,” that may work on Super Bowl Sunday when all one is dealing with are Doritos and guacomole (which was made with avocados picked by extralegal immigrants), but these are very real people with families. People do not migrate here on a whim, because they simply want a change of scenery or because they wish to engage in terrorism. They come here to survive and to join in our prosperity, and it is our moral, spiritual, economic and social obligation to not shy away from difficult immigration solutions but to actively pursue real answers.

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