Calendar of Upcoming Events


To oppose the border wall, one of the first steps is letting border residents know their rights. We will be flyering communities along the proposed trajectory of the wall in order to inform them of their rights and let them know that there is free legal representation available should they choose to oppose the Secure Fence Act of 2006. Law firms already pledging support are:

1.) Corianna Spencer-Scheurich, Attorney from the South Texas Civil Rights Project

Office: 956-787-8171 E-mail:

2.) Emily Rickers, Attorney from Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid

Office: 956-393-6207 E-mail:

Additionally, we will also be registering voters, so that they can vote and have their voice heard this November and beyond.

1.) Los Ebanos– March 10

2.) Granjeno– March 12

3.) El Calaboz/Ranchito– March 15

4.) Southmost Brownsville– Monday March 24 from 4:30-7:00

5.) Southmost Brownsville– Sunday March 30 at 3:00-7:00

6.) Amigoland Mall, Brownsville– Sunday April 6 at 3:00-7:00

7.) Military Highway– Sunday April 13 at 3:00-7:00

For more information or to volunteer to help with these community events, please leave a comment on this site or email me. God bless!

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