No Border Wall Walk

From Roma to Brownsville, TX,

From March 8th to March 16th,

Border Ambassadors walked 120 miles to protest the Secure Fence Act of 2006 and to advocate for immigration reform. This nonviolent demonstration passed through the communities of the Rio Grande Valley which will be affected by a border wall. Food/lodging was provided by local churches, and compassionate citizens along the way.

Over 300 people walked a portion of this walk, and many more participated in the final rally at UTB. For more information and press releases concerning the No Border Wall Walk, please visit:

March 8– SATURDAY- Roma to Rio Grande City

March 9– SUNDAY- Rio Grande City to La Grulla

March 10-MONDAY- La Grulla to La Joya

March 11– TUESDAY- La Joya to La Lomita

March 12-WEDNESDAY- La Lomita to Las Milpas

March 13– THURSDAY- Las Milpas to Progreso

March 14– FRIDAY- Progreso to Los Indios

March 15– SATURDAY- Los Indios to Ranchito

March 16– SUNDAY- Ranchito to Brownsville

15 Responses to “No Border Wall Walk”

  1. Mexican Sunset « Muro del Odio Says:

    […] the No Border Wall Walk continues in the Valley […]

  2. Native Americans Take a Stand on the Border Wall « Smart Borders Says:

    […] It is with great pleasure that the Border Ambassadors partner with members of the Lipan Apache Band of Texas. We also hope that our invitations to Wallace Coffey of the Comanche Nation, and Billy Evans Horse of the Kiowa Tribe will be appreciated, and that they and they will unite with us in solidarity against the border wall this March 8-16 with the No Border Wall Walk. […]

  3. No Border Wall Walk « Says:

    […] From Matthew at Smart Borders. For an opportunity to be a social activist, check out the No Border Wall Walk from March 8-16. We will be marching from Roma to Brownsville to protest the border wall and show support for immigrants (like my students) and la frontera (my home). Check it out at: Smart Borders: Walls Are For Weather Not Neighbors. […]

  4. La Frontera in North America « Smart Borders Says:

    […] Texas from March 8-16, and we would love to get support from the international community. This No Border Wall Walk invites any and all concerned citizens, whether they speak Spanish, English, French, or a mixture […]

  5. A Call for Prayer « Smart Borders Says:

    […] Call for Prayer Tomorrow begins the March Against the Wall. Hundreds of People will be participating in the 120-mile walk from Roma to Brownsville, Texas. […]

  6. No Border Wall Walk- Day 6 or the Day of Reflection « Smart Borders Says:

    […] Wall Walk- Day 6 or the Day of Reflection     I was confronted with our reasons for the No Border Wall Walk yesterday when Javier asked me to ride his pride-and-joy bicycle for him. It was a gorgeous day on […]

  7. The Dawn after the Darkest « Smart Borders Says:

    […] John Conyers (D-MI) might well have walked with the 300 marchers this past March 8-16 from Roma to Brownsville. He understands with us that this wall is an environmental blight, a piecemeal political gesture, […]

  8. A Last Stand on the Border « Smart Borders Says:

    […] the City Hall, signs which were carried 126 miles from Roma to Brownsville in this past March’s No Border Wall Walk. Still, the sentiments of Brownsville residents were made abundantly clear – No Deal. Texas […]

  9. Students Experience Flawed Immigration System « Smart Borders Says:

    […] student Webster marched 125 miles along the Texas border last March to protest the 670-mile border fence which is currently […]

  10. RaiulBaztepo Says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
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    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  11. PiterKokoniz Says:

    Hello !!!! ;)
    My name is Piter Kokoniz. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
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  12. Matthew Webster Says:

    PiterKokoniz & Raul,

    Thanks for the comments. I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the blog, and I hope you both keep coming back. I will continue to write (though law school is cramping my blog-time). By the way, your English is great!


  13. Bouton Says:

    I have been struggling with this for a long tie, I appreciate the encouragement – it gives me hope. Maybe someoneelse will figure this out.

  14. Ruby Cantu Says:

    I grew up in the border town of Fronton, about 5 miles from Roma. I came across this while browsing, look forward to browsing your page.

  15. Clasby Says:

    this was an interesting post, i’ll be sure to implement some fo what i read.

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