No Border Wall Walk- Contacts

No Border Wall Walk 2008 Organizational Contacts

Chairman= John Moore

Education Chair= Kiel Harell

Community Outreach Chair= Matthew Webster

Transportation Chair= Cindy and Mike Johnson

The following people are Community Chairpersons for each of the Rio Grande Valley communities in which we will be staying. For more information or to lend your support, please feel free to email them.

March 7 pm, March 8 am Roma

Domingo Gonzalez, Matt Smith

March 8 pm, March 9 am Rio Grande City

Jon Stevens, Pat Cooney, Ben Hanson, Peter Schu

March 9 pm, March 10 am La Grulla

Joe and Jean Krause

March 10 pm, March 11 am La Joya

Andrea Guengrich, Beth Golini

March 11 pm, March 12 am La Lomita

Jay Johnson-Castro, Sarah Boone

March 12 pm, March 13 am Las Milpas

Joe & Jane Krause

March 13 pm, March 14 am Progreso

Elizabeth Stephens, Stephanie Herweck

March 14 pm, March 15 am Los Indios

Patricia Flanagan

March 15 pm, March 16 am-Ranchito

Eloisa Tamez

March 16 pm UTB

Ryan & Yahaira Tauber, Elsa and Julio Noboa

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